Heating Maintenance

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Boiler servicing

Annual servicing will preserve the efficiency of your boiler for the duration of its active life, and should keep it operating for longer.

Once we have serviced a boiler for you, we will keep your details on file and call you to arrange an appointment each year, so you don’t have to remember to call us!

When the time comes for a new boiler, we can advise on and install a new one for you.

Power flushing

Keep your radiators performing at their peak by getting rid of the build up in your system.

After power flushing, you’ll get better heat out of less work from your boiler, saving you money while keeping you toasty.

To see if you need power flushing, check your radiators for cold patches when the heating is on.

  • If the top of a radiator is cold, then you have some air in your system and simply bleeding that out should sort this out.
  • If the bottom section of a radiator is cold, then you may have a build up of sludge in your system and it would benefit from a power flush.